Brilliant menswear design duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, known as Duckie Brown, showed their Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Industria Studios in New York City. This season the designers chose not to have the dressing area hidden from attendees, thus lending chaotic voyeurism into the festivities, which is usually known to the rest of us as “backstage fashion.” It was a very interesting concept and it seemed to go over quite well with the fashion crowd. The set wasn’t the only unusual part of the show. The clothing took on a different stance as well. When thinking of fall/winter weather, lightweight fabrics and pastel colors don’t usually come to mind. There was an abundance of fine silks seen both in blouses–yes, men’s blouses–and jackets. For example, there were low-cut satin wrap tops and turtleneck blouses, lending that androgynous feel. We applaud that these talented designers took a not-so-traditional path in their elegant winter menswear collection. Staple Duckie pieces like sleek bombers and dramatic full-cut trousers were also present. They closed the show with a beautiful grey military-style trench coat. And we also loved that they used the classic white converse tennis shoe for every look. The men’s grooming seemed very minimal, with tousled center parts. This was definitely a standout collection and show, much different from the rest that we’ve seen so far this New York Fashion Week. Photography Alexander Thompson.


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