Menswear designer David Hart kindly took us on a colorful trip to Cuba with his oh-so-cool collection for Spring 2018. It’s no big secret that we at Ponyboy are big David Hart fans and can never get enough of his terrific vintage inspired clothing. This season we saw beautifully cut linen suits in a great color palette, including mint, salmon and coral. The boldly striped blazer was a fabulous piece, as well as the banana print shirts. He showed two Guayaberas, our favorite being the pastel pink version. And we loved the Ban-lon inspired knits. Accessories included straw hats, wayfarers and silk neck scarves that lent an air of stylish sophistication. Hart knocks out tuxedos so beautifully (which we saw last season), for example, the blue paisley print stunner, also shown in brown. We love when he throws a few women’s looks into the collection. This season he featured a 50s “pipe dreams” print tie top shown with a high waisted trouser. While Hart looks to the past for inspiration, his designs never seem too retro, and always appear to be made for the modern stylish man. Photography Alexander Thompson http://www.davidhartnyc.com/


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