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Pictures & Words is the seventh in a series of artist books published by STH editions. When they contacted me and showed me the previous books, I decided to take a slightly less serious approach to mine. I was inspired by burlesque pitch books, mid-century flip books, Andy Warhol's Index and Chris Makos' White Trash.
June 19, 2018/by ponyboymag
Wilhelmina model Jamie Vogt photographed in a vintage 80s Stephen Sprouse Hardcore 1988 day-glo print dress. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.


80s designer Stephen Sprouse took his inspiration from Andy Warhol and the day-glo 1960s, infused with a New York City downtown punk aesthetic. As impressionable 20somethings in NYC, we eagerly ventured to his 3 story shop in Soho...
June 13, 2018/by ponyboymag
Wilhemina model Liv Solo stars in "Ne Me Quitte Pas" womenswear editorial for Ponyboy magazine. Photographed by Alexander Thompson.


Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me), our latest womenswear editorial starring red-headed Wilhelmina beauty, model Liv Solo. Ms. Solo wears designer Victoria Hayes' Spring/Summer 2018 collection.
May 30, 2018/by ponyboymag
Beechwood photographed by Alexander Thompson, with men's styling by Amber Doyle. Ponyboy magazine.


Beechwood is a young, super-stylish rock'n'roll band that has dominated the downtown New York City scene as of late. Pretty boys, they are far from all show. This trio of musicians have both the talent and balls to kick you in the gut with their sound and musical abilities.
May 16, 2018/by ponyboymag
Calvin Luo Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

Calvin Luo's most recent collection, for Fall 2018, took a walk on the wild side with 50s subculture rebel inspiration - think photographer Karlheinz Weinberger, a Ponyboy favorite. Young and eclectic, we just love it!
May 2, 2018/by ponyboymag
Snow Xue Gao Fall/Winter 2018. Photographed by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

A/W 2018

For those who do not know, Snow Xue Gao is a young super cool New York City designer. This is the second time that we've featured her dramatic designs with our backstage photography during New York Fashion Week. This collection is so twisted and beautiful, we are just simply in awe and could get enough.
April 18, 2018/by ponyboymag
Libertine for Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson.

FALL 2018

We've probably said this before, but here we go again...Libertine is hands down our favorite collection to feature every season during New York Fashion Week. Brilliant designer Johnson Hartig is consistently dead on with his LA based hi-end fashion label, catering to fun girls and boys with a bit of extra cash in their wallets.
April 2, 2018/by ponyboymag
Christian Cowan Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

Christian Cowan is the young, super-talented British born designer who is opening eyes with his ultra fun clothing. The handsome boyfriend of Paper mag owner Drew Elliott, Cowan is all about F-U-N! There were so many great looks that we went gaga.
March 22, 2018/by ponyboymag
Model Miles Montierth wears a Saint Laurent sunglasses and a vintage Thierry Mugler Couture trenchcoat for Ponyboy menswear editorial, photographed by Alexander Thompson.


"Fade To Grey" is the name of our latest Ponyboy menswear editorial, a song title from the new romantic band Visage, fronted by style icon Steve Strange. A favorite time period of ours, the late 70s to early 80s proved to be so creative and expressive, from the punk movement to the birth of new wave.
March 19, 2018/by ponyboymag
N. Hoolywood Fall 2018. Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

We've long been admirers of Japanese designer Daisuke Obana's high-end menswear collections for the label N. Hoolywood, with his modern twists on vintage inspired designs. This season's looks were heavily workwear driven, oversized and full, with lots and lots of layers -
March 12, 2018/by ponyboymag
Abasi Rosborough Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson. Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

The Abasi Rosborough men's collection for Fall 2018, shown during New York Fashion Week. Casting by John Tan. Photography Alexander Thompson. http://abasirosborough.com/
March 5, 2018/by ponyboymag
Luar Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

Luar is the eclectic, young and really fantastic menswear/womenswear/unisex line that's designed by the fascinating talent known as Raul Lopez. His Fall 2018 Pieces of Me collection is one of the freshest things we've seen in ages with it's creative cuts and twisted designs.
February 28, 2018/by ponyboymag
Model Piero Mendez for Feng Chen Wang Fall 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

Enamored is what we are of brilliant designer Feng Chen Wang's bold menswear statements. Last season we just couldn't get enough of her "Made In China" collection for SS 2018. And her Fall 2018 season was just as strong with her coming home theme.
February 23, 2018/by ponyboymag
Willy Chavarria Fall 2018 menswear collection. Photographed by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

FALL 2018

Menswear designer Willy Chavarria is making bold statements with his dark and masculine collections. Unfortunately, we missed last season's show at the infamous New York City leather bar, The Eagle - a very strong showing that had people talking. This season's show dubbed "Believers" was no less powerful.
February 21, 2018/by ponyboymag
The David Hart Fall/Winter menswear collection. Photography Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

F/W 2018

It's no secret that Ponyboy worships all things from menswear designer David Hart, with his twist on 50s midcentury aesthetic presented in past collections. However, this season Hart made this statement: “This collection is really inspired by the mass exodus of American brands leaving New York to show in Paris.
February 18, 2018/by ponyboymag
Wilhelmina model Demi Jonk photographed by Alexander Thompson, with styling by Xina Giatas for Ponyboy magazine.


STOOP-ENDOUS STYLE MODEL DEMI JONK Dutch model Demi Jonk from the Wilhelmina Agency New York stars in our latest Ponyboy womenswear editorial, "Stoop-endous Style". We've always been enamored with the quaint and colorful old homes we've seen throughout…
January 24, 2018/by ponyboymag
Dianne Brill. Queen of the Night. Ponyboy magazine.


DIANNE BRILL QUEEN OF THE NIGHT "Dianne Brill is a fashion designer who makes nobodies feel like somebodies with the big hellos she gives to everybody. She was the first young girl in decades to really play up a big body with big curves and big cleavage.…
January 9, 2018/by ponyboymag
Tito Deler is The Original Harlem Slim. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.


THE ORIGINAL HARLEM SLIM TITO DELER "The Original Harlem Slim" - a befitting stage name for brooding bluesman Tito Deler, New York's modern day soulful talent. Catch Harlem Slim onstage at St. Mazie, the jazzy supper club in Brooklyn, every other…
December 12, 2017/by ponyboymag
Male model Casey Jackson stars in Ponyboy magazine menswear editorial "MInetta Street '57". Photography by Alexander Thompson, with menswear grooming by Walton Nunez.


MINETTA STREET '57 CASEY JACKSON Our latest menswear editorial featuring 20 year old male model Casey Jackson, from the New York Model Management. Men's grooming by Walton Nunez, from the Brooks Agency New York, using hair products by Victory Brand…
November 30, 2017/by ponyboymag
"Girls School"with Briggs Rudder, from Wilhelmina Models NY. Photographed by Alexander Thompson, with styling by Xina Giatas. Ponyboy magazine.


GIRL'S SCHOOL BRIGGS RUDDER 17 year old fashion model Briggs Rudder, from the Wilhelmina agency New York, stars in our latest 1950s vintage inspired womenswear editorial, "Girl's School". Photographer Alexander Thompson. Stylist/fashion editor Xina…
November 15, 2017/by ponyboymag
Musician Lew Phillips. Ponyboy magazine.


LEW PHILLIPS THE PREPPY VOICE Lew Phillips is the young, 23 year old Canadian musician that we stumbled upon a few years back, and since then we've been captivated by both his music and personal style. There are the many photographs of the handsome…
November 7, 2017/by ponyboymag
The Blonds. Spring/Summer 2018. Photography by Alexander Thompson. Ponyboy magazine.

S/S 2018

THE BLONDS S/S 2018 The Blonds Spring/Summer 2018 collection designed by Phillipe & David Blond. Shown during New York Fashion Week. Photography Alexander Thompson. http://theblonds.nyc/
October 25, 2017/by ponyboymag


CALVIN LUO SPRING 2018 Young Chinese designer Calvin Luo shows his unisex collection for Spring 2018 during New York Fashion Week. Photography Alexander Thompson. http://www.calvinluo.us/
October 13, 2017/by ponyboymag
Libertine. Spring/Summer 2018. Backstage photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

S/S 2018

LIBERTINE S/S 2018 Backstage at designer Johnson Hartig's sequin filled, colorful collection for the fabulous Libertine label. Shown during New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2018.  Photography Alexander Thompson. http://www.ilovelibertine.com/
October 3, 2017/by ponyboymag
The Snow Xue Gao collection for Spring/Summer 2018. Photographed by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

S/S 2018

SNOW XUE GAO S/S 2018 Snow Xue Gao collection for Spring/Summer 2018, presented during New York Fashion Week. Stylist Rachael Wang. Makeup Alison Smith. Hair Ken See. Accessories Teng Teng. Photography Alexander Thompson. https://www.snowxuegao.…
September 25, 2017/by ponyboymag
Adam Selman Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Photography by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

S/S 2018

ADAM SELMAN S/S 2018 The Adam Selman Spring/Summer 2018 womenswear collection shown during New York Fashion Week. Stylist Mel Ottenberg. Makeup Dick Page. Hair James Pecis. Photography Alexander Thompson. http://adamselman.com/
September 18, 2017/by ponyboymag
Roger and Mauricio Padilha, MAO PR founders, photographed in their showroom. Photograph by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

20 Years

MAO PUBLIC RELATIONS ROGER PADILHA & MAURICIO PADILHA For 20 years, brothers RogerPadilha and Maurcio Padilha have carved a niche into the cutthroat world of fashion PR with their New York based fashion public relations firm, MAO PR. Showcasing…
September 11, 2017/by ponyboymag
All That Glitters. Model Izzy Pawline from Wilhelmina, photographed in Cheng for Ponyboy magazine by Alexander Thompson.


ALL THAT GLITTERS SEQUINS! All that Glitters. This would be 16 year old model, Izzy Pawline, a fresh faced beauty from the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York City. Izzy, a New Jersey girl, who happens to be a high school senior, will walk the…
September 6, 2017/by ponyboymag
Matiere Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collection. Photographed by Alexander Thompson for Ponyboy magazine.

S/S 2018

MATIERE S/S 2018 MATIERE is inspired from the French word meaning “material” or “subject matter.” Established in 2013, by founders Henry Choi and Scot Shandalove. The Los Angeles, CA based design lab is continuously evolving the seamless integration…
August 29, 2017/by ponyboymag


BRIAN HILL MUSICIAN Musician Brian Hill's debut album 'And The Noh Starrs' was recently released via Modern Sky USA. Brian was photographed in New York City on July 31st, 2017. Photography Alexander Thompson. Men's grooming Ahbi Nishman. https:…
August 23, 2017/by ponyboymag
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