FW 2024 

Wild Wild World
The Untamed Frontier of the AI Revolution Lawless, Unpredictable, Prosperous

Fall Winter 2024

For PRIVATE POLICY New York’s FW24 collection, we have set the stage for a groundbreaking exploration at the nexus of fashion, technology, and societal discourse, centering around the dichotomies of AI: a “Wild Wild World.”

Drawing inspiration from the untamed spirit of America’s 19th century Wild West, our runway presentation skillfully interlaces aesthetics with ranch workwear details. Innovative techniques, including raised 3D silicone textured surfaces and metal ball chain bead weaving create a striking contrast of distressed denim and printed plaid cotton, especially against soft, romantically draped fabrics and high-shine metal hardware. The silver pieces, presented in clean silhouettes with utilitarian details, serve as a visual metaphor for the convergence of technology and cowboy aesthetics, embodying the multifaceted nature of the AI landscape.

Our show set features a constructed fashion tunnel, both real and metaphorical: it is the physical structure through which the models enter the runway, but also the embodiment of the idea that our future with AI is still unknown… Yet there is hope at the end of this tunnel! The juxtaposition here between the natural and the technological mirrors modern tensions between fear and excitement, lawlessness and freedom, all of which AI skates the lines betwixt.