For our latest women’s editorial, Ponyboy paid homage to the 1970s glitter, glam rock style of then-husband and wife duo Angela and David Bowie. The captivating pair were the rock-n-roll “it” couple of the day with their signature androgynous style. Angela often favored girlish looks to juxtapose her svelte boyish body, including sexy silk blouses paired with pencil skirts and high heels, and feminine dresses. David’s outlandish “Ziggy Stardust” stage creations were designed by Japanese avant-garde designer Kansai Yamamoto. These glitzy costumes ranged from spectacular kimonos to one-legged jumpsuits. We felt that no one could play this role better than our favorite now “it” girl and designer Stella Rose Saint Clair. Stella has an androgynous, lithe figure and a bold personal style that embodies this enchanting couple. Moreover, the talented and legendary Guy Vanvoores collaborated on this project. Who better? Guy’s genius make-up and vision were key in executing this story. Frontman for the boundaries pushing rock group the Toilet Boys, Miss Guy is an iconic glam rock fixture in New York City. Photography Alexander Thompson. Stylist Maria Ayala. Makeup Guy Vanvoores. Hair Walton Nunez.