Designer. Model. Club girl. Blogger. We just love creative types who wear a lot of different hats! And hat designer Stella Rose Saint Clair did just that, showcasing her festive tropical hat designs at her fashion show during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, sponsored by Bullet Magazine. The designer showed 9 handmade hats inspired by tropical plants and the classic structure of the sun visor, on quirky downtown type models. Stella also created colorful dresses on the spot by wrapping her models in cellophane. Dj partners Fiends4Ever spun vintage 60s surf tunes, while attendees chugged free cans of PBR beer. The hats were fun and colorful, just over-the-top, exactly what one would expect from the kooky designer. Stella stated, “I desperately needed to take a vacation, so I decided to create a series of hats inspired by various tropical and desert plants. For the show I assembled a sort of “human garden” to give me a taste of a tropical getaway.” A getaway indeed! Thanks for the much-needed vacation, Stella! Photography Alexander Thompson http://www.itsstellarose.com/