S/S 2017

David and Phillipe Blond, designers for downtown label The Blonds, seem to take a fantasy approach with every collection they design each season. And why not? The duo stated, “This season we revisited themes of our past collection, while also incorporating our newest inspiration, a riff on the heavy metal ’80s vs hip-hop, in a world where Mad Max meets the muses of Xanadu!”

We applaud anything that is not the same monotonous trend, with repetition on runways that we constantly see each season. And in true Blonds fashion, they did not disappoint. Their twisted, yet beautiful take on the fusion of heavy metal /”Clash of The Titans” is about as far out as one can get. And it works. The designers celebrated a successful 10 years in business and stated that they’ve matured the line and are ready for their designs to be seen more so on the red carpet. We saw the classic Blond staples, which included festive corsets and bodysuits, as well as a couple of “menswear” looks which we’ve never seen before on their runway.  And they showed fantastic gowns, which are truly red carpet-worthy. Let’s hear it for 10 more years of Blond fantasy ! Photography Alexander Thompson.


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