S/S 2016

Congratulations to threeASFOUR. Celebrating their ten-year anniversary as a design trio, they sent an incredible intergalactic collection down the runway for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. Anybody who knows anything about fashion or was part of the New York downtown scene back in the late 90s, remembers their spacey, circular “donut” shaped bags that were seen at the coolest underground clubs and art parties. At that time they had four members and were named Asfour. Since those times they have grown into something that is even more avant-garde astounding. They are the three extremely innovative designers behind threeASFOUR, known as Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil. Museums from all over the world collect their pieces. And this year they won the highly coveted National Design Award for Fashion Design from Cooper Hewitt.

Everything in this collection was phenomenal. However, the most incredible pieces were the space-age creations that consisted of crystals, rocks and minerals on bodices. Heavy? Yes, but they were very much worth the weight! Our favorite from that series was the one-shouldered dress adorned with crystal angular shards. And then, there was the fantastic 3-D printed digital white dress that opened the show, which was an elaborate art object unto itself. The more “basic” or wearable pieces were really no less incredible in their simplicity and modernness. This entire fantasy was set against fabulous 3-D projections by video artist Alex Czetwertynski. The future remains extremely bright for these visionary designers. And we look forward to another ten years. Photography Alexander Thompson.