Chromat designer Becca McCharen provocatively mesmerized us once again with her Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Milk Studios. Last season we were thoroughly impressed with the execution of her futuristic designs. This season was no different in that everything seemed meticulously and precisely made. But what we really loved was her design evolution. She took it to the next level and with true success. We were enamored with every seductive piece. Synthetic fabrics were used once again. And we were intrigued with the addition of latex from Tableaux Vivants. Our favorite look undeniably had to be the high-tech Chromat “Plexi dress” which was constructed in a translucent TPU fabric and worn with satin lingerie underneath. However, we were also extremely fascinated with the “White Swan” look, which was a synthetic hair bustier, worn with a Swarovski pentagram face mask. Incredible. The extremely modern appeal was enhanced with hair and make-up choices. Sleek hairstyles were provided by the incredible Amy Farid, with certain models donning spacey, structured ponytails encased in black latex. Make-up artist Yadim applied an exaggerated, heavy and shiny brow to all of the models creating a strong, almost menacing, look. Can it even get any better than this? YES. Just wait until next season. Photography Alexander Thompson.