The special encounter and years of exchange between Hiroaki Sueyasu with Ho99o9 duo consisting of theOGM(BlueFace) and Yeti Bones(Eaddy) provided inspirations for the 2025 S/S collection was latent.

Fascinating influences from adoration and sublimating to new creations. The constant aesthetic that Sueyasu expresses through KIDILL became more apparent through a relationship that began almost two years ago. Ho99o9, who embodies a desire for progress and an inimitable sense of beauty through their frenetic appearance, music, performance, and costumes, perfectly encapsulated the style of KIDILL. Sueyasu says, “I was impressed by the essence and attitude that runs through all their styles, and this spontaneous empathy brought unprecedented imagination to KIDILL.”

The iconic wedding dress that eclipse the body, remarkably unique DIY live costumes gives a direct notion of “their usual
style” . The imagination bound from the cluster of these facts is not only seen from the graphics and the embroideries of Ho99o9, but in the myriad of the zippers and the padlock fastening front detail, sleeveless denim vests and the symbolical use of the laces heavily infuses the evolution of the customizing spirit.

Interestingly, Sueyasu feels “a Tokyo-ness” from the presence and the frame of mind of Ho99o9. Somewhat a sensory subjectivity that the designer has experienced over the course uniformly linked to the essence of the street style of Harajuku, especially the Lolita style. Hence, it coexists in the collection as an inevitable exhalation appearing through Kae Tanaka’s graphics, dresses and decors, the “philosophy of the consistency in the unity of choosing and wearing clothes” . In addition, Sueyasu uninhibitedly expanded his designs with items deconstructed from vintage metal band T-shirts, a bandolier bag that holds tattered and eroded textures and bullets, sleeveless tailored jackets, and vintage trousers created by the tailors.

The deep-seated fact found through the multiple collaborations of KIDILL is still showing the power to usher in the punk of the future. Track jackets, pants, and game shirts in collaboration with UMBRO, ironic one-of-a-kind masks and hats with HIZUME are just a few examples. “PROTECT MY BASIC” is a straightforward and powerful affirmation that points to the core of the matter.

The code “999” masked in Ho99o9 is a premonition to the next stage of evolution and of an as-yet-unseen setting. This angel number is an inversion of the devil’s number 666, and the boundless context of 1000-1 is loaded with infinite possibilities of q progressing mysticism, representing the current state of mind of Sueyasu.

Show Director: Michio Hoshina *PLANKTON / Stylist : Tatsuya Shimada / Hair Stylist : Kunio Kohzaki /
Make-up: Kanako Yoshida *lga management / Casting : Taka Arakawa, Jose Maria *ALTER / Production: Devi Sok /
Runway Photo: Ko Tsuchiya / Backstage Photo : Ko Tsuchiya, Flo Kohl / Show Coordinator: Azusa Nozaki /
Writer : Tatsuya Yamaguchi / Artwork: HO99O9, KAE TANAKA, ohiana /
Collaboration : HO99O9, UMBRO, HIZUME, RICHMOND KNITWEAR, KIRIN TAILORS, ACUPUNCTURE, Deadly Sweet, YUUKI IWAMA, NC, rurumu: / International Press : Totem fashion / Japan Press : Sakas PR / Support : Dr. Martens / Movie Director: Minori Murata / Movie Music: HO99O9

KIDILL Designer: Hiroaki Sueyasu