JordanLuca Spring/Summer 2025 is a ballet

and a clash – traditions are considered, but not bound by truth.
Emotions are abundant, but are manufactured.

It is a dance between the ethereal grace of the ballerina, and the stark,

synthetic world that revolves around her.

But in this collection, desires are captured in plastic forever.

The result sees the brand expand on its signature duality: while the ballerina dances
for her and herself only, the JordanLuca man is the embodiment of unambiguous sexual desire.

An idea of what is real and what is not is cemented in the frequent use of synthetic appliqués.
The raw beauty of the ballet is likened to that of a rose, casting it in 3D-printed resin

so that love is ever-lasting.

It is about lust and wanting. Evolution. Timelessness.
A story of contradictions unfolds – the idea of the ballerina’s tutu is ravaged in black.

Duchess Silk is rich in opulence, but conflicted by the pairing of thigh-hugging lycra.

Feelings of luxury are fragmented. Silk blends are glazed in plastic, as are signature denim,

tailoring, and outerwear pieces. The paradox of Japanese Tweed is the man’s ticket to peacocking;

cropped, boxy, shoulder-padded jackets with antique-effect metal buttons

and slithers of shimmer offer hope – zippered functionality is, elsewhere, pragmatic.

JordanLuca sets ornamental black lace in a veil of silver foil, and laminates men’s Halter Neck

tops in metallics. In doing so, a dichotomy of societal expectations against freedom is studied.

In a world where nothing lasts forever, SS25 captures an ephemeral rawness.

Hedonistic floral dresses are hand-torn and re-pleated, blazers consume the body,

and parkas are plastic-coated to protect.

The SS25 collection is accented by elongated black leather pumps and slanted harnessed

kitten heel boots for men. Three sizes of the JordanLuca Gotham Bag

and a Weekender are sexed up in crocodile-effect leather, laminated florals, and Italian suedes.

JordanLuca SS25 studies the concept of savage intimacy. Two seemingly separate worlds

are fused into one disturbed, confrontational image.

Creative Director: Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto
Stylist & Consultant: Samia Giobellina
Hair: Anthony Turner
Make-up: Inge Grognard using BYREDO
Casting: Irene Manicone
Movement: Ryan Chappell
Music: Joshua James
Production: Antony Waller
Communications: Rémi Villard
PR: Purple PR
Italian PR: Beside Communications
Words: Eric Brain
Products: BYREDO