F/W 2017

New York City menswear designer David Hart gave us his interpretation of red carpet fashion with his “Award Season” presentation for Fall/Winter 2017. Never boring, yet always classic, the designer showed 8 fantastic evening wear looks for men consisting of tuxedos, as well as one exquisitely tailored women’s tux. His take on what a man should wear for a formal night out is both refreshing and modern. We loved the red tartan look, as well as the blue tartan tux with a ruffled shirt on model Max von Isser. He even threw in some turtleneck looks with the jackets, giving off an almost casual 70s vibe. One can surely imagine Hart’s tuxedos on a red hot, young Hollywood actor, as well as an East Coast Park Avenue socialite. Only someone as talented as Hart could succeed at designing a stylish pastel pink tuxedo while avoiding that tacky Al’s Formal Wear look. Photography Alexander Thompson. http://www.davidhartnyc.com/