S/S 2017

Wild! Fun! Colorful! Fantastic! That’s what we think about the Spring/Summer 2017 Gypsy Sport collection by designer Rio Uribe. The designer told us that his inspiration was “a halftime show mixed with a fashion show.  The collection was inspired by the fearless flappers of the 20s and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics”. Take that NYC and the world!

The show trickled out from Samsung 837 onto the busy New York City sidewalks, much to the surprise of pedestrians walking by, bringing back flashbacks of Michael Alig’s outrageous “Outlaw” parties from years gone by. Diandra Forrest, the stunning albino Gyspy Sport muse, was statuesque with a Liberty spikes punk hairdo, paired with an orange mesh gown and bloomers. We went nuts for the purple floral print suit that was pure pop art. And the orange plaid looks were incredible, including the slip dress ensemble and the vest with a deconstructed skirt. Football jersey mesh, feathers, lace and fringe constitute the classic unisex Gypsy Sport look. Festive butterfly makeup and extreme feathered jewelry added to the drama.

This is what fashion is all about, being unique, being different and not being afraid. We applaud the fact that even though the young label has quickly made it’s name in the cutthroat world of fashion, they haven’t ditched their diverse and quirky roots by using big name, more mainstream models. Hail to the transgender, unknown gender, who the blank cares what gender world! Long live Gypsy Sport! Photography Alexander Thompson.