The Martin Keehn Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection shown on the runway at Pier 59 Studios in New York City was a truly spectacular event. The extremely talented designer went all out this season. Youthful and colorful looks with a nod to the ’70s consisted of elements such as velour, leather shirts, patchwork puffy bombers in pastels and earth tones, corduroy, high-waisted flared jeans and a groovy, psychedelic print. Top-notch styling was provided by James Valeri, with makeup by artist visionaire Mark Carrasquillo, and hair by superstar stylist James Pecis. We loved the “reverse” cornrows! When asked what his inspiration was for this season, Martin Keehn gave his official statement:

This Fall Winter 2015 collection expands upon Martin Keehn’s interest in the tension between classic archetypes. Martin recalls reading a compelling interview that Laurie Anderson did with Brian Eno. He very much identified with the way Eno spoke of his process, approaching music in a primarily conceptual way as a writer would with a story. Around the same time, Martin came across a picture of Eno in a magazine, a portrait that instantly evoked the spirit of resistance. The synchronicity of these events cemented him as the center of this season’s inspiration.

Drawn in further, Keehn began to imagine what conflicts this kind of extravagant man might have had with his father. What ended up manifesting in the collection are two characters, simultaneously loving and resisting each other: the dreamer vs the authoritarian.

This season’s fabrics embody tension itself, from the use of Keehn trademark black leather juxtaposed against lavender Sherpa and re-embroidered quilted chintz, to the contrasts of crepe de chine and fat wale corduroy, plush velour vs sporty ripstop nylon vs peter max inspired prints.

A creamy palette of lavender, canary, rust, slate and the ever-present black swirl in and out of Keehn’s signature precision construction. Photography Alexander Thompson.