Kacie Marie is the young, beautiful brunette that you may have seen at a New York City rockabilly event, dancing the night away in a full skirt and saddle shoes. Or perhaps you’ve seen her in a magazine or on Instagram, posing for a photographer’s camera. Always radiant, glowing…full of energy that just knocks them dead! What some don’t know is that this gorgeous beauty is also an accomplished singer who is paving her way in the music world, with her talent and strong determination.

Our fashion editor, Xina Giatas, pulled some glamorous and sexy vintage looks for Kacie, to dazzle your eyes out. Take a look! Photography by Alexander Thompson. Stylist/Fashion Editor Xina Giatas. Stylist assistants:  Christopher Owens and Leslie Medlik. Special thanks to Severely Mame.

http://www.misskaciemarie.com https://www.instagram.com/miss_kaciemarie/  https://www.reverbnation.com/kaciemarie5

PONYBOY:  Kacie, at what age did you start singing?

KACIE MARIE:  From my earliest memories, I would sing along to my favorite 50s tunes. The radio was one of my greatest escapes.

PONYBOY:  What is your background?

KACIE MARIE:   Growing up as a Pennsylvania girl, I often ventured into the woods to explore and find inspiration for myself, as well as for my art. I continued creating as I went to school for painting and then quickly found the darkroom. Photography became an instant passion. As my interest in photography grew, I lent myself as a subject in front of my own camera, as well as other people’s lenses. Modeling and photography went hand in hand, and I loved creating different characters.  I did all of the hair, makeup, styling and set design. When I discovered video, I couldn’t help but be in awe at the chance to make my visuals and creations move!

This creative journey has helped me evolve the way I think about making music! Every time I write a song, I envision and write a video to go along with it. To me, it’s just as important as the song itself. I like to reach for all of the different media that I can, to be able to paint with my music. I’ve actually been in one band or another since I was fifteen years old, playing guitar and singing. I also enjoy tinkering on all of the different instruments, the drums being my favorite.

PONYBOY:   We first became aware of you as a pin-up model. Do you identify more as a musician or a model?

KACIE MARIE:   I identify as an artist, first and foremost. I never actually considered myself as a model, for reasons unknown. I was never truly pursuing modeling as a career but was rather interested in making photographs and creating characters. In my experience, photography and modeling can be very psychologically explorative, within the tones that are revealed. Plus, the thought that many years from now, a couple of photographs of me might still be floating around is extremely thrilling.

As a musician, I’ve found the process to be honest, raw, and potentially the most vulnerable of the arts for me. Those notions in particular keep me intrigued in pushing the limits for myself and the music I’m involved in. I have found music to be a psychological thrill.

PONYBOY:  Do people sometimes overlook you as a musician, because you’re also a model as well?

KACIE MARIE:  In this modern-day society, I believe all the artistic platforms are linked in one way or another, and only strengthens the experience of the listener/viewer.

PONYBOY:  Your recent music release, Girls from Mars, made it into the top ten on ReverbNation charts. Tell us about this release.

KACIE MARIE:  As of today, I am number five on the ReverbNation charts! I have been live on ReverbNation for about six months or so, and I’ve found that it gives a lot of opportunities to submit to all different kinds of exciting potentials, via film scores, music contests, and platforms to reach more music fans!

The making and release of Girls From Mars was completely independent and was my first solo album. The EP Girls From Mars can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, ReverbNation, etc.

PONYBOY:  Do you write all of your own lyrics?

KACIE MARIE:    Yes, I write all of my own lyrics and melodies. Thus far, the only time I haven’t written is if I was performing on someone else’s record.

PONYBOY:  What musician’s have been the most inspiring to you?

KACIE MARIE:   It’s hard to name all of the musicians that have and will continue to inspire me, as the list grows and changes with the wind. To name a couple:  Billie Holiday, The Chantels, The Shangri-las, Johnny Cash, Mazzy Star, Velvet Underground, Julie London, Chelsea Wolfe, Sam Cooke, Patsy Cline, Etta James, and the long list continues.

PONYBOY:   As far as your personal style, do you tend to wear vintage for the most part?

KACIE MARIE:   My style fluctuates with my moods. I do tend to be most attracted to vintage-style clothing. However, I always mix and match, and I’m not focused on brand names. Brands play very little  clout in my heart. I like what I like, regardless of it’s history or lack there of. I’m most happy when I’m thrift shopping, pouring through all of the randomness, finding that one gem of a poodle skirt, country blouse or that extra tight little red sweater.

PONYBOY:  What decades, as far as dressing are concerned, do you tend to favor? Any designer’s that you like?

KACIE MARIE:  If I had to pick one, I feel the most nostalgia with the 1950s because of the music I grew up listening to, and the movies that I most adored.

PONYBOY:  What can we expect from you in the future, in regards to your music?

KACIE MARIE:  You can expect to see my explorations of different genres and collaborations, and my efforts to transform these experiences into the different multi-medias, productions, and platforms.