F/W 2016

With 80s goth rock band Bauhaus blasting as the intro for the Siki Im + Den Im Fall/Winter 2016 collection, along with some Ministry thrown into the playlist, we knew that this would be our preferred show of the New York menswear season. And it was signed and sealed at first glimpse of Im’s mood board backstage, with images from 80s horror movies like The Hunger and Lost Boys. The German-born designer, who studied architecture and worked as head designer for Karl Lagerfeld and Helmut Lang, gave us all things vampire. The palette was made up of black, purple and blood-red (of course!). We went mad for the structured leathers accented with zippers, as well as the luxurious cashmere coats and pants. The Peter Murphy/Daniel Ash spiky hairstyles combined with over-the-top, dripped, painted faces left us speechless. And we must mention the incredible men’s casting from the brilliant John Tan. We are enamored with Im’s aesthetic and really never wanted this show to end. Dark Glamour. The Undead. Who wouldn’t want to be a best-dressed vampire? Photography Alexander Thompson.