FALL 2017

We first met the Blonds years back, when they sold their denim line to edgy downtown retailer Patricia Field. They certainly progressed and show their fabulous collections on the runway season after season, their shows always attended by the most famous glitterati of the New York City downtown scene. But beyond that, what truly amazes us is the intricacy of each piece of clothing that we luckily get to see backstage before it hits the runway, something that not many people have the pleasure of experiencing. They truly are works of art! Photography Alexander Thompson

PONYBOY:  Please tell us about the “Mummy” inspiration for your Fall 2017 collection.

THE BLONDS:  For Fall 2017 we were inspired by an upcoming film, The Mummy, starring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise. It was all about the power of transformation and finding yourself.

PONYBOY:   We saw a lot of extraordinary elements on your runway, including feathers, pearls, crystals and amazing corsetry. Sexy over-the-top! Tell us more about the different elements in this collection.

PHILLIPE BLOND:   There were so many elements in this collection. We experimented with some Preciosa cushion-cut crystals. They are beautifully faceted and add a lot of sparkle to the collection! We also used a lot of signature elements of ours, like crystal metal mesh and burn-out lace.

DAVID BLOND:   We mixed many contrasting elements this season. For example, the distressed denim, ostrich feather and pearl detailed denim jacket! Essentially, we took an athletic silhouette and expanded it to create a 1920s inspired cocoon coat bomber.

PONYBOY:   The work involved in each of your pieces must be overwhelming. From this collection, please tell us which look was the most labor-intensive and how long it took to create the garment.

DAVID BLOND:   Phillipe’s finale look, definitely! It took nearly four months to make and we used over one hundred thousand Preciosa pearls and crystals!

PONYBOY:  Many of the looks we see on your runway are well suited for entertainers on stage for musical or other performances. However, there are looks that seem more versatile and appropriate for the red carpet. Those looks included some stunning sequined gowns, as well as a metallic Grecian style gown. Is this a direction that you feel you will explore more so in the future?

PHILLIPE BLOND:  Absolutely! This season was all about showcasing looks in pairs. Our signature pieces for performance and special occasions were juxtaposed with pieces that utilized the same materials and embroidery treatments but made in a more wearable way.

PONYBOY:  Have you thought of doing a more modified or simplified line, something more accessible to the average shopper, yet still with the flair you are known for? And have you been approached by any companies to collaborate on this level?

THE BLONDS:   Yes! We have been approached several times to do this and once we find the right partner, we are very open to creating something for a wider audience. In the past we have created capsule collections with Moda Operandi, VFiles and Patricia Field; and we look forward to doing more of the same in the future.

PONYBOY:   The Blonds are well known for sending their models each season in matching blond wigs down the runway. Surprisingly, this season brought a ‘no wig” look created by the talented Kien Hoang from Oribe. Tell us about this change and the concept behind it.

DAVID BLOND:   The Blonds are all about inclusivity and due to the political climate this season, we chose to touch on this subject within the themes and inspiration for the collection. We feel like it’s important to express unity in creative ways.

PONYBOY:   You consistently work with world-famous make-up artist Kabuki in collaboration with MAC cosmetics. What is that collaboration like? Tell us about this relationship.

THE BLONDS:   We’ve been collaborating with Kabuki for 10 years and he is a genius! He always surprises us with exciting ideas and is extremely detail-oriented. Kabuki and the MAC Pro Team are a perfect partnership for The Blonds!

PONYBOY:  You’ve been in business for over 10 years. Amazing! What can we expect from The Blonds in future collections and for this next decade?

THE BLONDS:  There’s so much more to come, so stay tuned!