The Stompin’ Riffraffs are the kind of band that makes you feel like you’re in a 50s B-movie while watching them perform onstage. The band consists of three very attractive women in 60s style silver mini-dresses and one male lead singer in a tuxedo-style suit. They’re young and talented, giving their all in such an effortless way while performing. We’ve been lucky enough to see them three times now, and will run to any performance in a 100-mile radius! We look forward to their next album release in the not-so-distant future! Photography Alexander Thompson.

PONYBOY:  Stompin’ Riffraffs! And all the way from Japan! We are so excited to feature you on our Ponyboy site.

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  Yheaaa, thanks son!!

PONYBOY:   Please tell our readers your names and what instruments you play.

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:   Nao plays guitar and sings. Miku’s on piano, theremin and chorus. Rie’s on bass and chorus. Saori’s on drums and chorus.

PONYBOY:   How and when did the band form?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:   At first, Miku and Nao were in a band together before Stompin’ Riffraffs, because Miku is Nao’s sister and he asked her to play. Then Nao and Saori met through a common friend in the music scene in Tokyo. Rie replaced the bassist a few years later.

PONYBOY:  The Riffraffs are described as Japanese Garage/Rockabilly. Is this correct? How would you describe your band/music?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  Yes, that’s correct. More accurately, we play late 50s/early 60s style R’n’R with a crazy, sleazy horror vibe.

PONYBOY:  We love the vintage aesthetic of the band, the album artwork, as well as the costumes that you wear when performing. Where do you find the inspiration?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:   As for the girls costumes, we got our inspiration from “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”, an old movie from India. But we are pursuing originality.

PONYBOY:   And what musicians/bands have influenced you?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:   All the good R’n’R bands from the 50s through today.  And, of course, Norton Records have been a huge influence with all the gold they put out.

PONYBOY:   The Stompin’ Riffraffs collaborated with the Wild Records label on a record in 2015. Tell us what it was like working with the infamous Reb Kennedy, owner of Wild Records. What was the recording process like?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:   It was a really stimulating experience! A lot of young, cool and individualistic bands belong to that label and meeting them and playing with them really helps us improve as a band. The recording experience was also great. He respects our vision and gives us good advice.

PONYBOY:  It looks like you have 2 full albums and 7 singles released. Is this correct?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  Actually, we’ve released 2 full albums, 1 mini-album and 6 singles.

PONYBOY:  You’ve traveled all over the world. Tell us your favorite countries or cities to play in. Where do you get the most response when you play?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  We love all the countries we played in, but France is one of our favorites. The people there are really energetic and unique! We always get an enthusiastic welcome there!

PONYBOY:  The live performances are just incredible, with all the energy and excitement that the four of you give on stage. Is there more touring planned for the nearby future?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  Thanks so much! We’re planning to have a European tour next summer. We’ll let people know about it on our Facebook page and blog when the details are decided, so please check that out!

PONYBOY:  What’s next for the Stompin’ Riffraffs? When can we expect your next album release?

STOMPIN’ RIFFRAFFS:  We expect our newest album and single will come soon! Can you push Reb to make it? Ha!