Young and talented New York City beauty, Amirah Kassem, is seen all over social media photographed at the hippest events, leaping in the air in the cutest designer clothes. However, what the founder of Flour Shop really excels at is her delicious, realistic cake masterpieces, sculpted in the shape of practically any object ranging from skateboards and lipsticks to pancakes and hamburgers. She lovingly bakes for the fashion and celebrity set, including Beyonce, Stella McCartney, Katy Perry, Chanel, Hermes and the Wu-Tang Clan, just to name a few. And she’s been featured in all the top magazines like Vogue, Glamour, NY Times, and Interview. We loved shooting her with all her youthful, radiant energy. Keep flying high, Amirah! Photography Alexander Thompson. Makeup James Vincent. Hair Walton Nunez.

PONYBOY:  Amirah, where were you raised?

‏AMIRAH KASSEM:  Mexico/Never Never Land!

PONYBOY:  Tell us about your teenage years.

‏AMIRAH KASSEM:  What do you mean? I’m still a child! Ha! Ha!

PONYBOY:  What brought you to New York City?

AMIRAH KASSEM:  What brought me to New York City? Pizza, pizza, pizza!

PONYBOY:  What careers did you have before baking?

‏AMIRAH KASSEM:  I’ve had almost every position you can think of in the fashion industry, from buying to production, and from retail to styling.

PONYBOY:  And how did you get into baking as a profession?

‏AMIRAH KASSEM:  I never thought of it as a profession, just what I love to do. So, I decided one day to wake up and do what I love to do on a daily basis.

PONYBOY:  Your cakes are like works of art. What inspires you to make these masterpieces?

‏AMIRAH KASSEM:  Everything around me inspires me…cartoons, friends, candy, and smiles!

PONYBOY:  You’ve done specialty cakes for a lot of high profile people in fashion. Who have been your favorite to work with so far?

AMIRAH KASSEM:  It’s hard to pick a favorite because everyday is a whole new project, but most recently I loved making an installation in Topshop Fifth Avenue.

PONYBOY:  As far as your personal style, you have a really fun, youthful look. Are there any designers that you favor? Do you wear vintage as well?

AMIRAH KASSEM:  I have a vintage Disney jacket that I love! Other than that I love wearing bright colors and overalls.

PONYBOY:  Are you seeing anyone special at the moment?

AMIRAH KASSEM: I see sparkly glitter everywhere! But if you are referring to boys, his name is Ross and he sparkles, too!

PONYBOY:  What’s in store for your company? Any plans to open your own shop?

AMIRAH KASSEM:  Yes, it’s all in the oven now!